On Weddle surfaces and their moduli

  title={On Weddle surfaces and their moduli},
  author={M. Bolognesi},
  journal={Advances in Geometry},
  • M. Bolognesi
  • Published 2006
  • Materials Science, Mathematics
  • Advances in Geometry
The Weddle surface is classically known to be a birational (partially desingularized) model of the Kummer surface. In this note we go through its relations with moduli spaces of abelian varieties and of rank two vector bundles on a genus 2 curve. First we construct a moduli space A\_2(3)^- parametrizing abelian surfaces with a symmetric theta structure and an odd theta characteristic. Such objects can in fact be seen as Weddle surfaces. We prove that A\_2(3)^- is rational. Then, given a genus 2… Expand