On Weak Compactness in Spaces of Measures

  title={On Weak Compactness in Spaces of Measures},
  author={Xiaodong Zhang},
  journal={Journal of Functional Analysis},
Abstract It is proved that a weak* compact subsetAof scalar measures on aσ-algebra is weakly compact if and only if there exists a nonnegative scalar measureλsuch that each measure inAisλ-continuous (such a measureλis called a control measure forA). This result is then used to obtain a very general form of the Vitali–Hahn–Saks Theorem on finitely additive vector measures. Finally, it is proved that a weak* compact subsetAof regular Borel measures on anF-space is weakly compact if and only if… 


In this paper we study the validity of several convergence theorems for measures defined on an effect algebra and taking values in a Hausdorff commutative topological group. We establish the

Topological Properties of the Complex Vector Lattice of Bounded Measurable Functions

Let Σ be a σ-algebra of subsets of a nonempty set Ω. Let be the complex vector lattice of bounded Σ-measurable complex-valued functions on Ω and let be the Banach space of all bounded countably

Conditional and Relative Weak Compactness in Vector-Valued Function Spaces

Let E be an ideal of L o over a »-flnite measure space (“;˛;¶), and let (X;kikX) be a real Banach space. Let E(X) be a subspace of the space L o (X) of ¶-equivalence classes of all strongly

Absolutely continuous operators on function spaces and vector measures

Let (Ω, Σ, μ) be a finite atomless measure space, and let E be an ideal of L0(μ) such that $${L^\infty(\mu) \subset E \subset L^1(\mu)}$$. We study absolutely continuous linear operators from E to a

Weak compactness of certain sets of measures

For a compact Hausdorff space X and a Montel Hausdorff locally convex space E, let F = (C(X,E),u), u being the uniform topology. We determine the necessary and sufficient conditions for an



Banach Lattices and Positive Operators

I. Positive Matrices.- 1. Linear Operators on ?n.- 2. Positive Matrices.- 3. Mean Ergodicity.- 4. Stochastic Matrices.- 5. Doubly Stochastic Matrices.- 6. Irreducible Positive Matrices.- 7. Primitive

Measures on F-spaces

A variant of Grothendieck's Theorem on weak* convergent sequences

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