On Viruses, Bats and Men: A Natural History of Food-Borne Viral Infections

  title={On Viruses, Bats and Men: A Natural History of Food-Borne Viral Infections},
  author={H. Br{\"u}ssow},
  journal={Viruses: Essential Agents of Life},
  pages={245 - 267}
  • H. Brüssow
  • Published 2012
  • Biology
  • Viruses: Essential Agents of Life
  • In this chapter, cross-species infections from bats to humans are reviewed that do or do not use intermediate animal amplification hosts and that lead to human-human transmissions with various efficiencies. Rabies infections, Hendra virus infections in Australia, Nipah virus infections in Malaysia and Bangladesh and SARS coronavirus infection in China are explored from the public health perspective. Factors of bat biology are discussed which make them ideal virus reservoirs for emerging… CONTINUE READING
    Bats as reservoirs of severe emerging infectious diseases
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