On Translational Motion Planning in 3-Space

  title={On Translational Motion Planning in 3-Space},
  author={Boris Aronov and Micha Sharir},
  booktitle={Symposium on Computational Geometry},
Let <italic>B</italic> be a convex polyhedron translating in 3-space amidst <italic>k</italic> convex polyhedral obstacles <italic>A</italic><subscrpt>1</subscrpt>,…,<italic>A<subscrpt>k</subscrpt></italic> with pairwise disjoint interiors. The <italic>free configuration space</italic> (space of all collision-free placements) of <italic>B</italic> can be represented as the complement of the union of the Minkowski sums <italic>P<subscrpt>i</subscrpt></italic>=<italic>A<subscrpt>i</subscrpt… CONTINUE READING
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