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On The Correct Thermo-dynamic Potential for Electro-static Dielectric Energy

  title={On The Correct Thermo-dynamic Potential for Electro-static Dielectric Energy},
  author={Shawn W. Walker},
  journal={arXiv: Classical Physics},
  • S. Walker
  • Published 3 March 2018
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Classical Physics
Various types of equilibrium processes involve electric fields. In some cases, the electrical energy appears to be negative (e.g. if the voltage is fixed by an external source). This paper explains how to derive the correct thermo-dynamic potential for electro-static phenomena, whether the voltage is fixed, or the charge is fixed, or some combination is fixed. In particular, we explain, in complete detail, why fixing the voltage introduces "a minus sign" in the electrical energy. Two… 

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The $\mathbf{Q}$-tensor Model with Uniaxial Constraint

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