On The Clock and Christian Marclay’s Instrumental Logic of Appropriation

  title={On The Clock and Christian Marclay’s Instrumental Logic of Appropriation},
  author={Eli Horwatt},
  journal={Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media},
  pages={208 - 225}
  • E. Horwatt
  • Published 1 October 2013
  • Art
  • Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media
After a century of creating the basis for an audio-visual technical memory, a new cultural practice of mnemonic immediacy is about to emerge: the recycling and feedback of the media archive (a new archival economy of memory). With new options of measuring, naming, describing and addressing digitally stored images, this ocean needs to be navigated (cybernetics, literally) in different ways and no longer merely ordered by classification (the encyclopedic enlightenment paradigm). digm). Such a… 
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