On The Bosons’ Range of the Weak Interaction

  title={On The Bosons’ Range of the Weak Interaction},
  author={A. Puccini},
  journal={Journal of Advances in Physics},
  • A. Puccini
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • Journal of Advances in Physics
As known the Weak Nuclear Force or Weak Interaction(WI) acts between quarks (Qs) and leptons. The action of the WI is mediated by highly massive gauge bosons. How does a nuclear Q emit such a massive particle, approximately 16000 or 40000 times its mass? Who provides so much energy to a up Q or a down Q? However, it must be considered that according to Quantum Mechanics it is possible to loan temporarily some energy, but to a precise and binding condition, established by the Uncertainty… Expand