On Suetonius' Life of Vespasian 12

  title={On Suetonius' Life of Vespasian 12},
  author={Kenneth Scott},
  journal={Classical Philology},
  pages={82 - 84}
  • K. Scott
  • Published 1 January 1932
  • Art, Philosophy
  • Classical Philology
This must surely be translated: Let us then in accordance with the facts postulate a kind [genus] sameness for the demiurge to work upon, and as forms of it, the indivisible, the divided, and the intermediate; and again a kind otherness for the demiurge, and as forms of it the undivided, the divided, and the intermediate; and having these let us give the middle portions to the soul, and let us mix them with the intermediate form of being, in order to complete the essence of the soul For he says…