On Subnormal Solutions of Periodic Differential Equations

  title={On Subnormal Solutions of Periodic Differential Equations},
  author={Z L Chen and Kwang Ho Shon},
and Applied Analysis 3 In 6 , the condition “all constant terms of P e andQ e are equal to zero” plays an important role in the growth of solutions of 1.2 . This makes us consider that the condition may be applied to higher-order differential equations. Gundersen and Steinbart 4 consider a subnormal solution of higher-order linear nonhomogeneous differential equation f k Pk−1 e f k−1 · · · P0 e f Q1 e Q2 ( e−z ) , 1.8 where Qd z d 1, 2 , Pj z j 0, . . . , k − 1 are polynomials in z and obtain… CONTINUE READING

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