On Standards For The Storage Of Images And Data

  title={On Standards For The Storage Of Images And Data},
  author={Michael J. Haney and Robert L. Johnston and Walter O'brien},
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A standardized format is required in order to communicate image information between different systems. It is important that the standard be sufficiently flexible to allow for the encoding of the raw data that was used to form the image. Arguments are presented concerning the importance and value of storing the raw data, independent of its source. Future standards evaluation committees are asked to consider raw data storage flexibility as a selection criterion. An example of image/data storage… 
Introduction to Pacs for Those Interested in Image Processing
This paper gives a brief overview of PACS, including the basic components of a PACS system and what operations are or should be provided by it, and a discussion of desired response time.
Imaging Informatics: 25 Years of Progress.
The next 25 years offer remarkable opportunities for informatics and medical imaging together to lead to further advances in both disciplines and to improve health.


Construction of a Projection Data Base for Testing Algorithms for Computerized Transaxial Reconstruction, report perpared for the National Cancer Institute (Contract N.C.I
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