On Some Thermo-Dynamic Properties of Solids

  title={On Some Thermo-Dynamic Properties of Solids},
  author={James Prescott Joule},
  journal={Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society},
  • J. P. Joule
  • Engineering
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

On the modelling of amplitude and frequency-dependent properties in rubberlike solids

In these days the development of vehicles is partly based on numerical simulations using computer programs developed to simulate the dynamics of multi-body systems. Constitutive models in combination

Non-linear thermoelasticity with energy limiters

Conjugated kinetic and kinematic measures for constitutive modeling of the thermoelastic continua

In this paper, the energy-type terms such as the stress power, the rate of the heat transferred to the system and the rate of the specific internal energy are presented in the Lagrangian, Eulerian

A Review of the Challenges and Limitations of Full-Field Measurements Applied to Large Heterogeneous Deformations of Rubbers

:  This paper presents an overview of the use of full-field measurement techniques, more precisely digital image correlation (DIC) and coupled DIC and infrared thermography, for the material and

A Water Balloon as an Innovative Energy Storage Medium

Soft rubbery materials are capable of withstanding large deformation, and stretched rubber contracts when heated. Additionally, rubber balloons exhibit non-monotonic pressure–volume curves. These

The origin of contraction of twisted polymer fiber muscles: whether the cause is entropic elasticity or thermal expansion

In recent years, polymer fiber actuators obtained by twisting polymer fibers have attracted much attention. These actuators actuate due to the reversible axial thermal contraction and radial thermal

Thermoelastic Characterization of 3D Printed Thermoplastic Elastomers

  • A. TayebJ. Le CamB. Loez
  • Materials Science
    Thermomechanics & Infrared Imaging, Inverse Problem Methodologies, Mechanics of Additive & Advanced Manufactured Materials, and Advancements in Optical Methods & Digital Image Correlation, Volume 4
  • 2022

Materials, physics and systems for multicaloric cooling

Calls to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and demands for higher energy efficiency continue to drive research into alternative cooling and refrigeration technologies. The caloric effect is the