On Some Information Measures


T h e directed divergence of type /3 which generalizes Kul lback ' s directed divergence or In format ion measu re has been characterized by a s imple m e t h o d us ing a set of four postulates . T h i s generalized directed divergence has a relation wi th Renyi ' s In fo rmat ion gain of order /3 . T h i s relation can be used to give a characterizat ion of In format ion gain of order /3. Final ly a t heo rem regarding the un ique derivat ion of relative Informat ion measu re of type (%/3) is stated.

DOI: 10.1016/S0019-9958(76)80007-1

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@article{Patni1976OnSI, title={On Some Information Measures}, author={G. C. Patni and K. C. Jain}, journal={Information and Control}, year={1976}, volume={31}, pages={185-192} }