On Simple Graphs Arising from Exponential Congruences

  title={On Simple Graphs Arising from Exponential Congruences},
  author={Muhammad Aslam Malik and Muhammad Khalid Mahmood},
  journal={J. Appl. Math.},
We introduce and investigate a new class of graphs arrived from exponential congruences. For each pair of positive integers and , let denote the graph for which is the set of vertices and there is an edge between and if the congruence is solvable. Let be the prime power factorization of an integer , where are distinct primes. The number of nontrivial self-loops of the graph has been determined and shown to be equal to . It is shown that the graph has components. Further, it is proved that the… Expand
Loops in Digraphs of Lambert Mapping Modulo Prime Powers: Enumerations and Applications
For an odd prime number p, and positive integers k and , we denote , a digraph for which  is the set of vertices and there is a directed edge from u to v if , where  . In this work, we study isolatedExpand
A Classification of Cyclic Nodes and Enumeration of Components of a Class of Discrete Graphs
Let Zn be the ring of residue classes modulo n. Define f : Zn 㜡 Zn by f(x) = x 4 . Action of this map is studied by means of digraphs which produce an edge from the residue classes a to b if f(a) �Expand
Importance of Power Digraph in Computer Science
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New Labeling Algorithm on Various Classes of Graphs with Applications
In order to develop an algorithm, computer theories are essential and often used in a mathematical sequence. Most of them without sufficient mathematics are difficult to understand. A mathematicalExpand


On a Connection of Number Theory with Graph Theory
We assign to each positive integer n a digraph whose set of vertices is H = {0, 1, ..., n − 1} and for which there is a directed edge from a ∈ H to b ∈ H if a2 ≡ b (mod n). We establish necessary andExpand
Symmetric Digraphs from Powers Modulo n
For each pair of positive integers n and k, let G(n,k) denote the digraph whose set of vertices is H = {0,1,2,···, n – 1} and there is a directed edge from a ∈ H to b ∈ H if a ≡ b(mod n). The digraphExpand
Some digraphs arising from number theory and remarks on the zero-divisor graph of the ring Z
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The Theory of Numbers
I FIND myself to-day in the same embarrassing position in which a predecessor of mine at Oxford found himself at Bradford in 1875, the president of a Section, probably the largest and mostExpand
Power digraphs modulo n,
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