On Reliable Networks from Unreliable Gates

  title={On Reliable Networks from Unreliable Gates},
  author={Dietmar Uhlig},
  booktitle={Parallel Algorithms and Architectures},
The study of networks with small error probability was insugurated by J.v. Neumann in ~] in 1952. Assume there is a complete set of (unreliable) gates with error probability ~ smeller than 1/2. One of the central results in this field (argued heuristically by yon Neumann and proved rigorously by R.L. Dobrushin and S.i. Ortyukov [5~ in 1977) is the following: Let ~be any (extremely small) positive constsnt. Further let A be a network realizing Boolean function f provided no gate has failed. (The… CONTINUE READING

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