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On Query Spreadsheets

  title={On Query Spreadsheets},
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Spreadsheet Property Detection With Rule-assisted Active Learning
This paper proposes a hybrid approach of building a variety of spreadsheet property detectors to reduce the amount of required human labeling effort and integrates an active learning framework with crude, easy-to-write, user-provided rules to save human labeled effort.
An application of database query translation into spreadsheets
  • M. V. SadaphuleN. Shaikh
  • Computer Science
    2016 International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, and Optimization Techniques (ICEEOT)
  • 2016
An automated tool to store the data and translate it into spreadsheet system easily and imposes techniques which overcomes the limitations of Database system by spreadsheets for effective Data Modeling Applications is proposed.
Towards spreadsheet integration using entity identification driven by a spatial-temporal model
The proposed Data Integration through Object Modelling framework or DIOM tackles the problem of automating data integration from a variety of public websites by abstracting key features of multi-dimensional tables and interpreting them in the context of a spatial and temporal model.
Translating Relational Queries into Spreadsheets
It is demonstrated that a spreadsheet can implement all data transformations definable in SQL, merely by utilizing spreadsheet formulas, and a query compiler is provided, which translates any given SQL query into a worksheet of the same semantics, including NULL values.
Data Transformation Knowledge Reuse in Spreadsheet-Based Mashup Development Platform
This chapter formulated the problem and proposed solution that features novel reuse abstractions and techniques including spreadsheet templates, mapping generalization, and similarity join, and implemented a prototype of the proposed solution and evaluated its performance via synthetic datasets.
Integrating spreadsheet data via accurate and low-effort extraction
A two-phase semiautomatic system that extracts accurate relational metadata while minimizing user effort, based on an undirected graphical model, that enables downstream spreadsheet integration applications.
A Semiautomatic Approach for Accurate and Low-Effort Spreadsheet Data Extraction
Through the method of integrating the repair workflow into the extraction system, a human can obtain the accurate extraction with just 31% of the manual operations required by a standard classification based technique.
Towards a Generic Model for Web Services Mashups using the Spreadsheet Paradigm
This dissertation addresses the issue of providing a generic mashup development framework, through an application of the spreadsheet paradigm, with a novel framework, named MashSheet, which allows users to create mashup applications using spreadsheet-like formulas.
Visual Analysis of Implicit Social Networks for Suspicious Behavior Detection
It is shown how social networks, implicitly built from communication data, can serve as a basis for suspicious behavior detection from large communications data provided by communication services providers for criminal investigators following two procedures: lawful interception and data retention.