On Quantum Operations of Photon Subtraction and Photon Addition

  title={On Quantum Operations of Photon Subtraction and Photon Addition},
  author={Sergey N. Filippov},
  journal={Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics},
  • S. Filippov
  • Published 6 August 2019
  • Physics
  • Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics
The conventional photon subtraction and photon addition transformations, $\varrho \rightarrow t a \varrho a^†$ and $\varrho \rightarrow t a^† \varrho a$, are not valid quantum operations for any constant $t>0$ since these transformations are not trace nonincreasing. For a fixed density operator $\varrho$ there exist fair quantum operations, ${\cal N}_{-}$ and ${\cal N}_{+}$, whose conditional output states approximate the normalized outputs of former transformations with an arbitrary accuracy… 
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