On Q-Fuzzy Ideals in Γ-Semigroups

  title={On Q-Fuzzy Ideals in Γ-Semigroups},
  author={Samit Kumar Majumder},
In this paper the concept of Q-fuzzification of ideals of Γ-semigroups has been introduced and some important properties have been investigated. A characterization of regular Γ-semigroup in terms of Q-fuzzy ideals has been obtained. Operator semigroups of a Γ-semigroup has been made to work by obtaining various relationships between Q-fuzzy ideals of a Γ-semigroup and that of its operator semigroups. Keywords—Q-Fuzzy set, Γ-Semigroup, Regular Γ-semigroup, QFuzzy left(right) ideal, Operator… CONTINUE READING

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