On Pseudoscience

  title={On Pseudoscience},
  author={Mauricio Schoijet},
  pages={425 - 439}
The word ‘pseudoscience’ has been used loosely in many texts about the history of science, but it has been little discussed by philosophers of science. In this paper I attempt to draw the lines between pseudoscience and what I call ‘bad science’—which at times have been conflated into pseudoscientific literature. In discussing the definitions of pseudoscience that have been suggested by J.W. Grove and Mario Bunge, I attempt to develop criteria for drawing the lines between science and… 
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With all this Pseudoscience, Why so Little Pseudotechnology?

After a review of previous uses of the term “pseudotechnology”, a definition is proposed: “A pseudotechnology is an alleged technology that is irreparably dysfunctional for its intended purpose since