On Property (M) and Its Generalizations

  title={On Property (M) and Its Generalizations},
  author={Hong-Kun Xu and Giuseppe Marino and Paolamaria Pietramala},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications},
Abstract Properties strict (M) and uniform (M) are introduced. It is shown that if X has property (M) and is uniformly convex in every direction, then X has both strict (M) and uniform (M). It is also shown that if X* is separable, then strict (M) implies uniform (M) and property (M) implies weak uniform normal structure. Relations with other geometrical properties of Banach spaces are also discussed. 

Smoothness, asymptotic smoothness and the Blum-Hanson property

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Property (M) and the weak fixed point property

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Asymptotically Isometric Copies ofc0and Renormings of Banach Spaces

Abstract If a Banach space X contains an asymptotically isometric copy of c 0 , then X fails to have weak normal structure. Consequently, if X is an infinite-dimensional subspace of ( c 0 , ‖ · ‖ ∞


1* Definitions. The concepts introduced in this paper are phrased in terms of reflexive Banach spaces. This is not a serious restriction, but rather one of technical convenience. All of the concepts

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