On Point-Cyclic Resolutions of the 2-(63, 7, 15) Design Associated with PG(5, 2)

  title={On Point-Cyclic Resolutions of the 2-(63, 7, 15) Design Associated with PG(5, 2)},
  author={Jumela F. Sarmiento},
  journal={Graphs and Combinatorics},
A t-ðv; k; kÞ design is a set of v points together with a collection of its k-subsets called blocks so that t points are contained in exactly k blocks. PGðn; qÞ, the n-dimensional projective geometry over GFðqÞ is a 2-ðqn þ qn 1 þ þ qþ 1; q þ qþ 1; qn þ qn 3 þ þ qþ 1Þ design when we take its points as the points of the design and its planes as the blocks of the design. A 2-ðv; k; kÞ design is said to be resolvable if the blocks can be partitioned as F 1⁄4 fR1;R2; . . . ;Rsg, where s 1⁄4 kðv 1… CONTINUE READING


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