On Physics, Metaphysics, and Metametaphysics

  title={On Physics, Metaphysics, and Metametaphysics},
  author={Jonas Rafael Becker Arenhart and Raoni Wohnrath Arroyo},

Whence Deep Realism for Everettian Quantum Mechanics?

‘Shallow’ and ‘deep’ versions of scientific realism may be distinguished as follows: the shallow realist is satisfied with belief in the existence of the posits of our best scientific theories; by

Quantum Mechanics: Statistical Balance Prompts Caution in Assessing Conceptual Implications

Throughout quantum mechanics there is statistical balance, in the collective response of an ensemble of systems to differing measurement types. Statistical balance is a core feature of quantum

The epistemic value of metaphysics

It is sometimes argued that, given its detachment from our current most successful science, analytic metaphysics has no epistemic value because it contributes nothing to our knowledge of reality.


RESUMO Tradicionalmente, ser realista sobre algo significa crer na existência independente desse algo. Em termos ontológicos, isto é, acerca do que há, o realismo científico pode ser entendido como

Taking models seriously and being a linguistic realist

Carnap’s conception of linguistic frameworks is widespread; however, it is not entirely clear nor consensual to pinpoint what is the influence in his stance within the traditional

The Powers of Quantum Mechanics: A Metametaphysical Discussion of the “Logos Approach”

This paper presents and critically discusses the “logos approach to quantum mechanics” from the point of view of the current debates concerning the relation between metaphysics and science. Due to

The spectrum of metametaphysics : mapping the state of art in scientific metaphysics

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The spectrum of metametaphysics

Scientific realism is typically associated with metaphysics. One current incarnation of such an association concerns the requirement of a metaphysical characterization of the entities one is being a

Making New Tools From the Toolbox of Metaphysics

In this review, I specify the metametaphysical background in which Alastair Wilson’s “The Nature of Contingency” (Oxford University Press, 2020) should be properly understood. Metaphysics, as a



Is There a Place for Consciousness in Quantum Mechanics?

In this paper, I examine critically whether there is a role for consciousness in quantum theory. First, I consider von Neumann’s (Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics (The English

Between Physics and Metaphysics: A Discussion of the Status of Mind in Quantum Mechanics

We discuss the ‘Consciousness Causes Collapse Hypothesis’ (CCCH), the interpretation of quantum mechanics according to which consciousness solves the measurement problem. At first, it seems that the

From a Lost History to a New Future: Is a Phenomenological Approach to Quantum Physics Viable?

In 1939 London and Bauer published a short pamphlet on the measurement problem in quantum mechanics (London and Bauer 1939). For many years, physicists and philosophers took this to be merely a

Underdeterminations of Consciousness in Quantum Mechanics

Metaphysical underdetermination arises when we are not able to decide, by purely theoretical criteria, between competing interpretations of scientific theories with different metaphysical

Primitiveness, Metaontology, and Explanatory Power

Metaphysical theories heavily rely on the use of primitives to which they typically appeal. I will start by examining and evaluating some traditional well-known theories and I will discuss the role

Quantum Ontology: A Guide to the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics

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