On Pairwise Spanners

  title={On Pairwise Spanners},
  author={Marek Cygan and Fabrizio Grandoni and Telikepalli Kavitha},
Given an undirected n-node unweighted graph G = (V,E), a spanner with stretch function f(·) is a subgraph H ⊆ G such that, if two nodes are at distance d in G, then they are at distance at most f(d) in H. Spanners are very well studied in the literature. The typical goal is to construct the sparsest possible spanner for a given stretch function. In this paper we study pairwise spanners, where we require to approximate the u-v distance only for pairs (u, v) in a given set P ⊆ V × V . Such P… CONTINUE READING
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