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On PL De Rham Theory and Rational Homotopy Type

  title={On PL De Rham Theory and Rational Homotopy Type},
  author={Aldridge Knight Bousfield and V. K. A. M. Gugenheim},
On extensions of a symplectic class
Let F be a fibration on a simply-connected base with symplectic fibre (M, \omega). Assume that the fibre is nilpotent and T^{2k}-separable for some integer k or a nilmanifold. Then our main theorem,Expand
Cosimplicial versus DG-rings: a version of the Dold–Kan correspondence
Abstract The (dual) Dold–Kan correspondence says that there is an equivalence of categories K : Ch ⩾0 → Ab Δ between nonnegatively graded cochain complexes and cosimplicial abelian groups, which isExpand
Homological algebra of homotopy algebras
We define closed model category structures on different categories connected to the world of operad algebras over the category C(k) of (unbounded) complexes of k-modules: on the category of operads,Expand
Enriched Lie algebras in topology, I
To each path connected space X the Sullivan theory of minimal models associates a commutative differential graded algebra, its minimal model (∧V, d), and with it a graded Lie algebra LX that is theExpand
A commutative model for PL compactly supported cohomology in characteristic zero
We show that that classical rational homotopy theory in the sense of Sullivan [6] can be extended compactly supported setting. This presents a simplicial version of the compactly supported de RhamExpand
Operads and Operadic Algebras in Homotopy Theory
This is an expository article about operads in homotopy theory written as a chapter for an upcoming book. It concentrates on what the author views as the basic topics in the homotopy theory ofExpand
The Homotopy Theory of Commutative dg Algebras and Representability Theorems for Lie Algebra Cohomology
Building on the seminal works of Quillen [12] and Sullivan [16], Bousfield and Guggenheim [3] developed a "homotopy theory" for commutative differential graded algebras (cdgas) in order to study theExpand
Unbased rational homotopy theory:a Lie algebra approach
In this paper an algebraic model for unbased rational homotopy theory from the perspective of curved Lie algebras is constructed. As part of this construction a model structure for the category ofExpand
Disconnected rational homotopy theory
We construct two algebraic versions of homotopy theory of rational disconnected topological spaces, one based on differential graded commutative associative algebras and the other one on completeExpand
Rational homotopy theory
These are lecture notes for a course on rational homotopy theory given at the University of Copenhagen in the fall of 2012.