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On Own Already-Unwipeably-Eggregious Faces ArchonBishop of TruthBury’s Trowel & Slander

  title={On Own Already-Unwipeably-Eggregious Faces ArchonBishop of TruthBury’s Trowel \& Slander},
  author={D. Rawlins}
We now analyse the latest installment, this time from the Journal of Astronomical History & Heritage 2014, in a half-century serial display of unfailingly invalid archonal apology-defenses of Claudius Ptolemy, sacrosanct mascot-astrologer of the American Astronomical Society and its HAD: author of astrology’s bible, the Tetrabiblos; sciencefabricator; & Almajest-perpetrator. The spectacular result has been one of history’s grandest compilations of establishment pseudoscience literature, all… Expand


Ptolemy's Catalogue of Stars
JUST forty years ago the late Prof. Peters, of Clinton, New York, and Mr. Knobel began independently, and without either of them knowing of the other's work, to investigate the Catalogue of Stars inExpand
The History of Ptolemy’s Star Catalogue
Contents: Introduction.- The Stars of the Almagest.- Accusations.- The Rehabilitation of Ptolemy.- The Analysis of the Star Catalogue.- Structures in Ptolemy's Star Catalogue.- Theory andExpand
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