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On Ordered Fuzzy Numbers Generated By Time Series.

  title={On Ordered Fuzzy Numbers Generated By Time Series.},
  author={C. Gast and Rachel Lunde Traylor},
  journal={arXiv: Statistics Theory},
This paper proposes a new trapezoidal ordered fuzzy number representation of windowed time series based on the idea of a Japanese candlestick to those previously proposed in the literature. We define and illustrate several descriptive statistics based on the information contained in the ordered fuzzy numbers. We utilize financial trading data from three automotive companies as a case study. Further expansion can be applied to any other forms of time series data to offer further insight into… 

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Financial Fuzzy Time Series Models Based on Ordered Fuzzy Numbers
The purpose of this chapter is to present an original concept of financial fuzzy time series models based on financial data in the form of Japanese Candlestick Charts using Ordered Fuzzy Numbers (OFN) called further OrderedFuzzy Candlesticks (OFC).
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Ordered Fuzzy Numbers can be used with financial high-frequency time series to modeling uncertainty associated with financial data and maintaining more information about price movement at an assumed time interval than compared to commonly used price charts.
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Arithmetic operations defined on ordered fuzzy numbers enable to avoid some drawbacks of the classical approach and leads to a novel concept of an ordered fuzzy number, represented by the ordered pair of real continuous functions.
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Four algebraic operations on ordered fuzzy numbers are defined; they enable to avoid some drawbacks of the classical approach of the fuzzy counterpart of real number.
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The main goal of this paper is to propose a universal method of representation of Japanese candlesticks by revised ordered fuzzy numbers, which justifies the need for revision of a numerical model of the Japanesecandlesticks.
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The commonly accepted theory of fuzzy numbers is that set up by Dubois and Prade (1978), who proposed a restricted class of membership functions, called (L,R)–numbers with shape functions L and R, which leads to some drawbacks that concern properties of fuzzy algebraic operations.
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