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On Numbers of Semistable Representations of Quivers over Finite Fields

  title={On Numbers of Semistable Representations of Quivers over Finite Fields},
  author={Jiuzhao Hua},
Given a positive integer n and an n × n matrix C = [aij ] where aij ’s are nonnegative integers, let Γ be the quiver associated to C. Thus Γ has n vertices and there are aij arrows from vertex i to vertex j. Let Fq be a finite field with q elements where q is a prime power and Rep(α,Fq) be the set of all representations of Γ over Fq with dimension α, and R(α, q) = |Rep(α,Fq)|. Thus R(α, q) = q ∑ 1≤i,j≤n aijαiαj for α = (α1, · · · , αn) ∈ N . Recall from Reineke [6], each stability function… Expand


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