On Noncommutative Multi-Solitons

  title={On Noncommutative Multi-Solitons},
  author={Rajesh Gopakumar and Matthew Headrick and Marcus Spradlin},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
Abstract: We find the moduli space of multi-solitons in noncommutative scalar field theories at large θ, in arbitrary dimension. The existence of a non-trivial moduli space at leading order in 1/θ is a consequence of a Bogomolnyi bound obeyed by the kinetic energy of the θ=∞ solitons. In two spatial dimensions, the parameter space for k solitons is a Kähler de-singularization of the symmetric product (ℝ2)k/Sk. We exploit the existence of this moduli space to construct solitons on quotient… 

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Abstract: We establish existence and stability results for solitons in noncommutative scalar field theories in even space dimension 2d. In particular, for any finite rank spectral projection P of the

The Existence and Stability of Noncommutative

We establish existence and stability results for solitons in noncommutative scalar field theories in even space dimension 2d. In particular, for any finite rank spectral projection P of the number

On the moduli space of non-commutative multi-solitons at finite θ

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