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On Nicely Smooth Banach Spaces

  title={On Nicely Smooth Banach Spaces},
  author={Pradipta Bandyopadhyay and Sudeshna Basu},
We work with real Banach spaces. We will denote by B(X), S(X) and B[x, r] respectively the closed unit ball, the unit sphere and the closed ball of radius r > 0 around x ∈ X. We will identify any element x ∈ X with its canonical image in X∗∗. All subspaces we usually consider are norm closed. Definition 1.1. (a) We say A ⊆ B(X∗) is a norming set for X if ‖x‖ = sup{x∗(x) : x∗ ∈ A}, for all x ∈ X. A closed subspace F ⊆ X∗ is a norming subspace if B(F ) is a norming set for X. (b) A Banach space X… 
We are concerned in this paper with the density of functionals which do not attain their norms in Banach spaces. Some earlier results given for separable spaces are extended to the nonseparable case.
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Very non-constrained subspaces of Banach spaces
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