On Multiscale Approaches to Three-Dimensional Modeling of Morphogenesis

  title={On Multiscale Approaches to Three-Dimensional Modeling of Morphogenesis},
  author={Rajiv Chaturvedi and Chunfeng Huang and Bogdan Kazmierczak and Tapio Schneider and Jes{\'u}s A. Izaguirre and Tilmann Glimm and H. George E. Hentschel and Stuart A. Newman and James A. Glazier and Mark Alber},
In this paper we present the foundation of a unified, object-oriented, three-dimensional (3D) biomodeling environment, which allows us to integrate multiple submodels at scales from subcellular to tissues and organs. Our current implementation combines a modified discrete model from statistical mechanics, the Cellular Potts Model (CPM), with a continuum reaction-diffusion (RD) model and a state automaton with well-defined conditions for cell differentiation transitions to model genetic… CONTINUE READING