On Monge Sequences in D-dimensional Arrays on Monge Sequences in D-dimensional Arrays

  title={On Monge Sequences in D-dimensional Arrays on Monge Sequences in D-dimensional Arrays},
  author={R Udiger Rudolf},
  • R Udiger Rudolf
  • Published 1993
Let C be an n m matrix. Then the sequence S := j nm)) of pairs of indices is called a Monge sequence with respect to the given matrix C if and only if, whenever (i; j) precedes both (i; s) and (r; j) in S then ci; j] + cr; s] ci; s] + cr; j]. Monge sequences play an important role in greedily solvable transportation problems. Hooman showed that the greedy algorithm which maximizes all variables along a sequence S in turn solves the classical Hitchcock transportation problem for all supply and… CONTINUE READING

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