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On Minimizing Lmax for Large-Scale, Job Shop Scheduling Problems

  title={On Minimizing Lmax for Large-Scale, Job Shop Scheduling Problems},
  author={S. Schultz},

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This article establishes optimality criteria to verify that a given allocation corresponds to a schedule that yields the minimum value of LmaxLmax, the maximum job lateness, and estimates a probability distribution for evaluating the quality of an allocation delivered by a heuristic search procedure such as HSP. Expand
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A procedure to compute a lower bound on L max that will be used in follow-up work to effectively evaluate the absolute performance of heuristic solutions and provide optimality criteria, and heuristics to find improved allocations if these criteria are not satisfied. Expand


Scheduling problems with due-date objectives and constraints, Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation
  • 2001
Scheduling problems with due-date objectives and constraints, Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, North Carolina State University. VAN LAARHOVEN, P.J.M., E.H.L
  • AARTS, and J.K. LENSTRA,
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Some new results on simulated annealing applied to the job shop scheduling problem
  • M. Kolonko
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In this paper we present extensive sets of randomly generated test problems for the problems of minimizing makespan (Cmax) and maximum lateness (Lmax) in flow shops and job shops. The 600 problemsExpand
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The objective is makespanminimization if there are no tardy jobs, and tardiness minimization otherwise, and the procedure is heuristic and exhibits a good trade-off between computing time and solution quality. Expand