On Magic Realism in Film

  title={On Magic Realism in Film},
  author={Fredric Jameson},
  journal={Critical Inquiry},
  pages={301 - 325}
  • F. Jameson
  • Published 1 January 1986
  • Art
  • Critical Inquiry
The concept of "magic realism" raises many problems, both theoretical and historical. I first encountered it in the context of American painting in the mid-1950s; at about the same time, Angel Flores published an influential article (in English) in which the term was applied to the work of Borges;' but Alejo Carpentier's conception of the real maravilloso at once seemed to offer a related or alternative conception, while his own work and that of Miguel Angel Asturias seemed to demand an… 
The term magical realism was coined by the German art historian Franz Roh in his essay After expressionism: Magical Realism: Problems of the newest European painting (1925), and it initially referred
Far away from the present: Magical realism in Polish film
ABSTRACT Magical realism is usually divided into two variants: the older European, non-magical variety (relying on defamiliarization), and the more recent, Latin American strand (over-familiarizing
Magic realism in contemporary American women's fiction.
The aim of the study is to illustrate the importance of magic realism in American women's fiction in the late twentieth century. The term magic realism, which has traditionally been associated with
Naturalizing the Supernatural: Faith, Irreverence and Magical Realism
Starting from a basic understanding of magical realism as a mode of narration that seeks to naturalize the supernatural, this essay draws a distinction between faith and irreverence in magical
A still life of the wildest things: Magic(al) realism in contemporary Chinese cinema and the reconfiguration of the jishizhuyi style
ABSTRACT By considering a number of films produced in Mainland China since 2000, this article seeks to illustrate a specific form of cinematic realism that can be interpreted within the framework of
Magic Realism, Minimalist Realism and the Figuration of the Tableau in Contemporary Hungarian and Romanian Cinema
Abstract The paper surveys two modes of representation present in contemporary Hungarian and Romanian cinema, namely magic realism and minimalist realism, as two ways of rendering the “real” in the
Th e Modernist Origins of Magical Realism in Toni Morrison's Th e Bluest Eye
Although Toni Morrison states in a 1986 interview with Christina Davis that she does not like having her work described as magical realist, several critics maintain that Morrison creates works of
Magical Realism: "Arme miraculeuse" for the African Novel?
Congolese novelist Sony Labou Tansi has been widely celebrated as a leader in the revival of francophone African letters that took place in the 1980s. In the process, commentators have repeatedly
Animated Worlds of Magical Realism: An Exploration of Satoshi Kon’s Millennium Actress and Paprika
This article looks at two of the films of Japanese anime auteur Satoshi Kon – Millennium Actress (2001) and Paprika (2006) through the lens of magical realism. The authors argue that animation can be
Magical realism and fantasy fiction share the quality of treating the magical and supernatural elements quite favorably. However, there are certain differences in how it each employs those


"Magical Realism" in Spanish-American Fiction
According to Roh, the impressionist painters, faithful to the nature of objects and to their own chromatic sensations, painted what they saw (e.g. Camille Pissarro). As a reaction, expressionist
Fables of Aggression: Wyndham Lewis, the Modernist as Fascist
The novels of Wyndham Lewis have generally been associated with the work of the great modernists - Joyce, Pound, Eliot, Yeats - who were his sometime friends and collaborators. Lewis' originality,
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