On Lie bialgebroid crossed modules

  title={On Lie bialgebroid crossed modules},
  author={Honglei Lang and Yu Qiao and Yanbin Yin},
  journal={International Journal of Mathematics},
We study Lie bialgebroid crossed modules which are pairs of Lie algebroid crossed modules in duality that canonically give rise to Lie bialgebroids. A one-one correspondence between such Lie bialgebroid crossed modules and co-quadratic Manin triples [Formula: see text] is established, where [Formula: see text] is a co-quadratic Lie algebroid and [Formula: see text] is a pair of transverse Dirac structures in [Formula: see text]. 

The classical Lie-Yamaguti Yang-Baxter equation and Lie-Yamaguti bialgebras

A bstract . In this paper, we develop the bialgebra theory for Lie-Yamaguti algebras. For this purpose, we exploit two types of compatibility conditions: local cocycle condition and double



Exact Gerstenhaber algebras and Lie bialgebroids

We show that to any Poisson manifold and, more generally, to any triangular Lie bialgebroid in the sense of Mackenzie and Xu, there correspond two differential Gerstenhaber algebras in duality, one

Matched pairs of Lie algebroids

  • T. Mokri
  • Mathematics
    Glasgow Mathematical Journal
  • 1997
Abstract We extend to Lie algebroids the notion variously known as a double Lie algebra (Lu and Weinstein), matched pair of Lie algebras (Majid), or twilled extension of Lie algebras

Lie 2-Bialgebras

In this paper, we study Lie 2-bialgebras, paying special attention to coboundary ones, with the help of the cohomology theory of L∞-algebras with coefficients in L∞-modules. We construct examples of

Locally Vacant Double Lie Groupoids and the Integration of Matched Pairs of Lie Algebroids

We prove a general integrability result for matched pairs of Lie algebroids. (Matched pairs of Lie algebras are also known as double Lie algebras or twilled extensions of Lie algebras.) The method

Strongly Homotopy Lie Bialgebras and Lie Quasi-bialgebras

Structures of Lie algebras, Lie coalgebras, Lie bialgebras and Lie quasibialgebras are presented as solutions of Maurer–Cartan equations on corresponding governing differential graded Lie algebras

Higher extensions of Lie algebroids

We study the extension of a Lie algebroid by a representation up to homotopy, including semidirect products of a Lie algebroid with such representations. The extension results in a higher Lie

Courant Algebroids and Poisson Geometry

Given a manifold M with an action of a quadratic Lie algebra , such that all stabilizer algebras are coisotropic in , we show that the product becomes a Courant algebroid over M. If the bilinear form

Poisson 2-groups

We prove a 2-categorical analogue of a classical result of Drinfeld: there is a one-to-one correspondence between connected, simply-connected Poisson Lie 2-groups and Lie 2-bialgebras. In fact, we

General theory of lie groupoids and lie algebroids

Part I. The General Theory: 1. Lie groupoids: fundamental theory 2. Lie groupoids: algebraic constructions 3. Lie algebroids: fundamental theory 4. Lie algebroids: algebraic constructions Part II.