On Kt-saturated Graphs

  title={On Kt-saturated Graphs},
  author={Kinnari Amin},
In this talk, I will present the results about the edge spectrum of K4-saturated graphs. I will show that there is a K4-saturated graph G if and only if either G is complete tripartite graph or 3n − 8 ≤ |E(G)| ≤ bn2−n+4 3 c. I will also classify all K4-saturated graph with κ(G) = 2 and κ(G) = 3. I will present the result on the edge spectrum of Kt-saturated graphs for t ≥ 5. I will show that, for n ≥ 5t − 7, there is an (n, m) Kt-saturated graph G if and only if G is complete (t− 1)-partite… CONTINUE READING

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