On K-->pipi amplitudes with a light charm quark

  title={On K-->pipi amplitudes with a light charm quark},
  author={Leonardo Giusti and Patricia Nohem{\'i} S{\'a}nchez Hern{\'a}ndez and Mikko Sakari Laine and C. Pena and J. H. N. Wennekers and Hartmut Wittig},
We compute the leading-order low-energy constants of theS � 1 effective weak Hamiltonian in the quenched approximation of QCD with up, down, strange, and charm quarks degenerate and light. They are extracted by comparing the predictions of finite-volume chiral perturbation theory with lattice QCD computations of suitable correlation functions carried out with quark masses ranging from a few MeV up to half of the physical strange mass. We observe aI � 1=2 enhancement in this corner of the… CONTINUE READING

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