On Integrality, Stability and Composition of Dicycle Packings and Covers

  title={On Integrality, Stability and Composition of Dicycle Packings and Covers},
  author={Zeev Nutov and Michal Penn},
  journal={Journal of Combinatorial Optimization},
  • Zeev Nutov, M. Penn
  • Published 1 June 2000
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Combinatorial Optimization
Given a digraph D, the minimum integral dicycle cover problem (known also as the minimum feedback arc set problem) is to find a minimum set of arcs that intersects every dicycle; the maximum integral dicycle packing problem is to find a maximum set of pairwise arc disjoint dicycles. These two problems are NP-complete.Assume D has a 2-vertex cut. We show how to derive a minimum dicycle cover (a maximum dicycle packing) for D, by composing certain covers (packings) of the corresponding pieces… 



on the Integral Dicycle Packings and Covers and the Linear ordering Polytope

Compositions of Graphs and Polyhedra IV: Acyclic Spanning Subgraphs

It is shown that, for graphs with no $K_{3,3}$ minor, the cycle inequalities characterize the acyclic subgraph polytope and form a TDI system and the cardinality of a minimum feedback set is equal to the maximum number of arc disjoint cycles.

A representation for crossing set families with applications to submodular flow problems

A representation for intersecting and crossing families of sets is presented, based on a separator theorem for intersectioning families, which is used to improve several submodular flow algorithms.

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A compact system for the stable set problem in series-parallel graphs is derived and this technique is also applied to characterize facet-defining inequalities for graphs with no $K_{5}\e$ minor.

How to make a digraph strongly connected

  • A. Frank
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 1981
AnO(n5) primal-dual algorithm is presented for finding a minimum weight covering of an edge-weighted digraph and a constructive proof for a min-max theorem due to Lucchesi and Younger is provided.

Compositions of Graphs and Polyhedra III: Graphs with No W4 Minor

By adding some extra variables, it is shown that the stable set problem for these graphs can be formulated as a linear program of polynomial size.

A Minimax Theorem for Directed Graphs

This minimax equality was conjectured about a decade ago by one of the authors ([7; page 43], [8], [9]) and, independently, by Neil Robertson. It arose in the study of a problem posed several years

An extended planar algorithm for maximum integral two-flow

This paper extends the algorithm for maximum integral two-flow in planar graphs to certain undirected K3,3-free graphs (graphs not containing any subgraph homeomorphic to K 3,3 ) and provides an O (n) algorithm for determining a maximum integralTwo-flow of a value not less than the value of a maximum two- flow minus two.

Packing directed circuits fractionally

There is a set ofO (k logk log k logk) vertices meeting all directed circuits ofG, such that no “fractional” packing of directed circuit ofG has value >k, when every vertex is given “capacity” 1.