On Implementing Temporal Query Answering in DL-Lite (extended abstract)


Ontology-based data access augments classical query answering over fact bases by adopting the open-world assumption and by including domain knowledge provided by an ontology. We implemented temporal query answering w.r.t. ontologies formulated in the Description Logic DL-Lite. Focusing on temporal conjunctive queries (TCQs), which combine conjunctive queries via the operators of propositional linear temporal logic, we regard three approaches for answering them: an iterative algorithm that considers all data available; a window-based algorithm; and a rewriting approach, which translates the TCQs to be answered into SQL queries. Since the relevant ontological knowledge is already encoded into the latter queries, they can be answered by a standard database system. Our evaluation especially shows that implementations of both the iterative and the window-based algorithm answer TCQs within a few milliseconds, and that the former achieves a constant performance, even if data is growing over time.

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