On Immortality: An Interim Solution

  title={On Immortality: An Interim Solution},
  author={George M. Martin},
  journal={Perspectives in Biology and Medicine},
  pages={339 - 340}
  • G. M. Martin
  • Published 7 January 2015
  • Medicine
  • Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

Does a Mind Need a Body?

The argument is that the physical aspect of their existence cannot be disaggregated from their mental capacities, and so to properly understand the nature of minds, in artificially intelligent beings in the case of the paper, the authors must also take into account how the putatively exclusively mental processes are physically instantiated.

Crossing the Posthuman Rubicon: When Do Enhancements Change Our Definition of Human?

Four conceptual frameworks are discussed: that of the reproductivists, and their traditional biological species concept model, as well as those of the compositionalists, functionalist, and fundamentalists.

The basic rules for coexistence: The possible applicability of metalaw for human-AGI relations

  • K. Muzyka
  • Business
    Paladyn J. Behav. Robotics
  • 2020
Abstract Human-AGI relations are soon going to be a subject to number of policies and regulations. Although most current Blue Sky de lege ferenda postulates towards robot and artificial intelligence

Employment in the Age of Em: Simulated Brains and the Economics of Labor

One of the most dramatic possibilities for future changes to the demand for human labor is the potential arrival of strong substitutes for human labor in the form of artificially intelligent

No Mental Life after Brain Death: The Argument from the Neural Localization of Mental Functions

The paper samples the large body of neuroscientific evidence suggesting that each mental function takes place within specific neural structures. For instance, vision appears to occur in the visual

Colonizzare la mente

Con una metafora destinata a diventare famosissima, nel 1942 il celebre neurofisiologo Charles S. Sherrington defini il cervello come “il telaio incantato”.1 Oltre che scienziato, Sherrington era

Being virtual : embodiment and experience in interactive computer game play

This thesis argues that the notion of player experience in relation to computer games is intrinsically linked to the body. Taking the idea of aesthetic experience, or sensuous experience, in computer

The Arrest of Biological Time as a Bridge to Engineered Negligible Senescence

The arrest of biological time as a bridge to engineered negligible senescence appears consistent with current scientific and medical knowledge.



The Importance of Brain Research for the Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Future of Mankind

  • J. Eccles
  • Art
    Perspectives in biology and medicine
  • 1968
My philosophical position is diametrically opposite to those who would relegate conscious experience to the meaningless role of an epiphenomenon, and it is my belief that the authors will be successful only insofar as they appreciate the nature of man and plan accordingly.

Long term culture of normal and neoplastic human glia.

Differentiated Rat Glial Cell Strain in Tissue Culture

Rat glial tumors, induced by injections of N-nitrosomethylurea, were plated and propagated in culture. Among a few cell strains obtained, one clone contains S-100 protein, which is unique to brain in