On Higgs branch localization of Seiberg–Witten theories on an ellipsoid

  title={On Higgs branch localization of Seiberg–Witten theories on an ellipsoid},
  author={Heng-Yu Chen and Tsung-Hsuan Tsai},
  journal={Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics},
In this note, we consider so-called "Higgs Branch Localization" for four dimensional N=2 field theories on 4d ellipsoid. We find a new set of saddle point equations arising from additional Higgs branch deformation term, whose solutions include both Higgs branch and BPS instanton-vortex mixed configurations. By evaluating the contour integral, we also demonstrate the ellipsoid partition almost factorizes into purely b and 1/b dependent parts, using SQCD as an explicit example. We identify… 

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