On H. Friedrich's formulation of the Einstein equations with fluid sources

  title={On H. Friedrich's formulation of the Einstein equations with fluid sources},
  author={Yvonne Choquet-bruhat and James W. Jr. York},
  journal={Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis},
We establish a variant of the symmetric quasi linear first order system given by H. Friedrich for the evolution equations of gravitating fluid bodies in General Relativity which can be important to solve realistic problems. Our version has the advantage of introducing only physical characteristics. We state explicitly the conditions under which the system is hyperbolic and admits a well posed Cauchy problem. 
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(Astashov, A. M.) see Nestruev, Jet, 2003m:58001 (Bocharov, A. V.) see Nestruev, Jet, 2003m:58001 Boskoff, Wladimir Georges Analiză pe varietăţi şi aplicaţii. (Romanian) [Analysis on manifolds and


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