On Gross Spaces

  title={On Gross Spaces},
  author={Saharon Shelah and Otmar Spinas},
  journal={arXiv: Logic},
A Gross space is a vector space E of infinite dimension over some field F, which is endowed with a symmetric bilinear form � : E 2 → F and has the property that every infinite dimensional subspace U ⊆ E satisfies dimU ⊥ < dimE. Gross spaces over uncountable fields exist (in certain dimen- sions) (see (G/O)). The existence of a Gross space over countable or finite fields (in a fixed dimension not above the continuum) is independent of the axioms of ZFC. This was shown in (B/G), (B/Sp) and (Sp2… 
Cardinal invariants of the continuum and combinatorics on uncountable cardinals
The Spectrum of the Γ-Invariant of a Bilinear Space☆
Abstract To every symmetric bilinear space (X, φ) of regular uncountable dimension κ, an invariant Γ(X, φ) ∈  P (κ)/ F  (κ) (where F  (κ) is the club filter) can be assigned. We prove that in
Historic iteration with aleph_epsilon-support
One aim of this work is to get a universe in which weak versions of Martin axioms holds for some forcing notions of cardinality aleph_0, aleph_1 and aleph_2 while on aleph_2 club, the ``small''
We continue the theory of evasion and prediction which was introduced by Blass and developed by Brendle, Shelah, and Laflamme. We prove that for arbitrary sufficiently different f, g ∈ ωω, it is


Iterated forcing in quadratic form theory
In [Sp1] and [B/Sp] it has been shown that the existence of quadratic spaces of uncountable dimension over finite or countable fields sharing the property that every infinite dimensional subspace has
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These properties have been considered first in [G/O] in the process of investigating the orthogonal group of quadratic spaces, and it has been shown there (in ZFC) that over arbitrary uncountable fields (**)-spaces of unccountable dimension exist.
Strong negative partition relations below the continuum
PROOF. We use the idea in the proof of the Engelking-Karlowitz theorem. Assume tha t p A. Let { A a : a < A} be different subsets of p. Assume tha t c witnesses Pr(~) . Pu t G = {(w,g) :w e [p]<o,,
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We continue the investigations in the author’s book on cardinal arithmetic, assuming some knowledge of it. We deal with the cofinality of (S≤ℵ0(κ), ⊆) for κ real valued measurable (Section 3),
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Abstract We define the notion of Souslin forcing, and we prove that some properties are preserved under iteration. We define a weaker form of Martin's axiom, namely , and using the results on Souslin
A preservation theorem is a theorem of the form: "If hP�,Q� : � < �i is an iteration of forcing notions, and every Qsatisfies ' in V P� , then Psatisfies '." We give a simplified version of a general
Vive la Différence I: Nonisomorphism of Ultrapowers of Countable Models
We show that it is not provable in ZFC that any two countable elementarily equivalent structures have isomorphic ultrapowers relative to some ultrafilter on ω.
Set theory - an introduction to independence proofs
  • K. Kunen
  • Mathematics
    Studies in logic and the foundations of mathematics
  • 1983
The Foundations of Set Theory and Infinitary Combinatorics are presented, followed by a discussion of easy Consistency Proofs and Defining Definability.