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On Gravitational Shielding in Electromagnetic Fields

  title={On Gravitational Shielding in Electromagnetic Fields},
  author={Maricel Agop and Cristina Buzea and Brandusa Ciobanu},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
We show the presence of an electromagnetic field can cause a gravitational Meissner effect and, as a result, a gravitational shielding. With this aim in view we must first unveil the following problems : generalized Maxwell equations, generalized London equations, generalized Meissner effect, generalized shielding, etc. 

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It is well known that a covariant Lagrangian for relativistic charged particles can lead to a vanishing Hamiltonian. Alternatively, it is shown that using a “space+time” Lagrangian leads to a new

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i.e.dependent on the vvspeed of quanta relative to the interaction semi-surface: 2 2 0 2 ·2 0 π π = = = S r n a nS x x , of the charge q=n·e, the electric charge’s sign depending on the helicity of

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