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On Globicephala sieboldii Gray, 1846, and other species of Pilot Whales (Notes on Cetacea, Delphinoidea III)

  title={On Globicephala sieboldii Gray, 1846, and other species of Pilot Whales (Notes on Cetacea, Delphinoidea III)},
  author={P. H. van Bree},
Within the genus Globicephala Lesson, 1828, only two species can be recognized, namely: Globicephala melaena (Traill, 1809) and Globicephala macrorhynchus Gray, 1846. Globicephala sieboldii Gray, 1846, is a synonym of G. macrorhynchus. Synonymies of the two species as well as a key to both species are given. Whether Globicephala melaena has an antitropical distribution in the Pacific as in the Atlantic is not yet known. 

Genetic monitoring of pilot whales, Globicephala spp. (Cetacea: Delphinidae), stranded on French coasts

Abstract We used mitochondrial DNA control region sequences to genetically identify to the species level 23 pilot whales (genus Globicephala) that stranded on the French coasts between 1996 and 2011.

A new dolphin (Cetacea, Delphinidae) from the Plio-Pleistocene of the North Sea

Hoekman’s blunt-snouted dolphin Platalearostrum hoekmani gen. et sp. nov. is described from PlioPleistocene sediments of the North Sea (The Netherlands). It shows unique and bizarre features of the

A Bibliography of the Long-Finned Pilot Whale, Globicephala melas, and the Short-Finned Pilot Whale, Globicephala macrorhynchus, in the North Atlantic Ocean

iv SPECIES BACKGROUND 1 Taxonomy 1 Description 1 BIBLIOGRAPHY 2 Index by Author 44 Index by Region 47 Index by Subject 47

Occurrence of the two species of Pilot Whales (genus Globicephala) on the coast of South Africa

Les auteurs exposent en dotail I'historique d'un cräne de Globicophale en provenance d'Afrique du Sud et appartenant aux collections du Musoum d'Histoire Naturelle de Bordeaux (France). II s'agit

Recent data on whales and dolphins (Mammalia: Cetacea) from the Cape Verde Islands, including records of four taxa new to the archipelago

Based on both stranding and sighting records, recent data on the status and distribution of whales and dolphins in the Cape Verde Islands are presented, including records of four taxa new to the

On the distribution of Globicephala melaena (Traill, 1804) (Cetacea, Delphinidae) in the south-west Atlantic

The distribution, abundance, autumn migration, population structure and body dimensions of the harvest mouse in northern Finland is studied.

Long‐finned pilot whale ( Globicephala melas , Traill 1809) subspecies in the Atlantic Ocean: Are there differences in their skulls?

Fil: Marina, Tomas Ignacio. Museo Acatushun de Aves y Mamiferos Marinos Australes; Argentina. Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento; Argentina. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y

Worldwide mitochondrial DNA diversity and phylogeography of pilot whales (Globicephala spp.)

The presence of multiple unique haplotypes among SFPW from South Japan, together with previously documented morphological and ecological differences, suggests that the southern form represents a distinct subspecies and/or evolutionary significant unit.

Interspecific Introgression in Cetaceans: DNA Markers Reveal Post-F1 Status of a Pilot Whale

This work has employed one mitochondrial (D-Loop region) and eight nuclear loci (microsatellites) as genetic markers to identify six stranded pilot whales found in Galicia (Northwest Spain), one of them of ambiguous phenotype, and identified a post-F1 interspecific hybrid employing two different Bayesian methods.

Interspecific Hybridization in Pilot Whales and Asymmetric Genetic Introgression in Northern Globicephala melas under the Scenario of Global Warming

Pilot whales are two cetacean species (Globicephala melas and G. macrorhynchus) whose distributions are correlated with water temperature and partially overlap in some areas like the North Atlantic