On Generalized Random Railways

  title={On Generalized Random Railways},
  author={Hans Garmo and Svante Janson and Michal Karonski},
  journal={Combinatorics, Probability and Computing},
  pages={31 - 35}
We consider a random generalized railway defined as a random 3-regular multigraph where some vertices are regarded as switches that only allow traffic between certain pairs of attached edges. It is shown that the probability that the generalized railway is functioning is linear in the proportion of switches. Thus there is no threshold phenomenon for this property. 
Rainbow Hamilton cycles in random regular graphs
A rainbow subgraph of an edge-coloured graph has all edges of distinct colours and has a rainbow Hamilton cycle with probability tending to 1 as n tends to infinity, provided d is at least 8.


Asymptotic properties of the connectivity number of random railways
  • H. Garmo
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    Advances in Applied Probability
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In a cubic multigraph certain restrictions on the paths are made to define what is called a railway. On the tracks in the railway (edges in the multigraph) an equivalence relation is defined. The
Almost All Cubic Graphs Are Hamiltonian
In a previous article the authors showed that at least 98.4% of large labelled cubic graphs are hamiltonian in the limit by asymptotic analysis of the variance of the number of Hamilton cycles with respect to populations of cubic graphs with fixed numbers of short odd cycles.
Threshold functions
It is shown that every non-trivial monotone increasing property of subsets of a set has a threshold function. This generalises a number of classical results in the theory of random graphs.
Let E,, .V denote the set of all graphs having n given labelled vertices VI, L’s;,., Vn and N edges. The graphs considered are supposed to be not oriented, without parallel edges and without slings
Random graphs
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  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    SODA '06
  • 2006
Some of the major results in random graphs and some of the more challenging open problems are reviewed, including those related to the WWW.
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Consider G(n, p) to be the probability space of random graphs on n vertices with edge probability p. We will be considering subsets of this space defined by monotone graph properties. A monotone
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(n) k edges have equal probabilities to be chosen as the next one . We shall 2 study the "evolution" of such a random graph if N is increased . In this investigation we endeavour to find what is the
Sharp thresholds of graph properties
  • and the k-sat problem. J. Amer. Math. Soc. 12
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Random railways as 3-regular graphs
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