On Generalized Quasi-uniformity and Generalized Quasi-uniformizable supratopological spaces

  title={On Generalized Quasi-uniformity and Generalized Quasi-uniformizable supratopological spaces},
  author={Atasi Deb Ray and Rakesh Bhowmick},
  journal={Journal of Advanced Studies in Topology},
In this paper, introducing generalized quasi uniformity (in short, \(g\)-quasi uniformity) and \(g\)-quasi uniformly continuous maps, it has been shown that every supratopology is achievable from a \(g\)-quasi uniformity; moreover, a \(g\)-continuous map between a pair of supratopological spaces is indeed the induced map obtained from the \(g\)-quasi uniformly continuous map between the corresponding \(g\)-quasi uniform spaces. These results establish a functorial correspondence between the… 
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