On Free Stochastic Processes and their Derivatives

  title={On Free Stochastic Processes and their Derivatives},
  author={Daniel Alpay and Palle E. T. Jorgensen and Guy Salomon},
  journal={Stochastic Processes and their Applications},
Generalized Fock space and moments
In this paper we develop a framework to extend the theory of generalized stochastic processes in the Hida white noise space to more general probability spaces which include the grey noise space. To
Distribution spaces and a new construction of stochastic processes associated with the Grassmann algebra
We associate with the Grassmann algebra a topological algebra of distributions, which allows the study of processes analogous to the corresponding free stochastic processes with stationary
White noise space analysis and multiplicative change of measures
It is shown, with the use of representation theory and infinite-dimensional analysis, that the authors' pairwise inequivalent probability spaces (for the Gaussian processes) correspond in an explicit manner to pairwise disjoint CCR representations.
Generalized Grassmann algebras and applications to stochastic processes
In this paper, we present the groundwork for an Itô/Malliavin stochastic calculus and Hida's white noise analysis in the context of a supersymmetry with ℤ3 ‐graded algebras. To this end, we establish
Introduction and Examples
We present a unified study a class of positive operators called (generalized) transfer operators, and of their applications to the study of endomorphisms, measurable partitions, and Markov processes,
On a Class of Quaternionic Positive Definite Functions and Their Derivatives
In this paper, we start the study of stochastic processes over the skew field of quaternions. We discuss the relation between positive definite functions and the covariance of centered Gaussian
H${}^2$ Spaces of Non-Commutative Functions
We define the Hardy spaces of free noncommutative functions on the noncommutative polydisc and the noncommutative ball and study their basic properties. Our technique combines the general methods of
Infinite-dimensional Lie Algebras, Representations, Hermitian Duality and the Operators of Stochastic Calculus
The purpose of the paper is to give applications to selected themes at the cross road of operator commutation relations and stochastic calculus, and to use a notion of symmetric (closable) pairs of operators in CCR representation theory.
Infinite-dimensional transfer operators, endomorphisms, and measurable partitions
We develop a new duality between endomorphisms of measure spaces, on the one hand, and a certain family of positive operators, called transfer operators, acting in spaces of measurable functions on,
Graph Laplacians and discrete reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces from restrictions
ABSTRACT We study kernel functions, and associated reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces over infinite, discrete, and countable sets V. Numerical analysis builds discrete models (e.g., finite element)


Stochastic Processes Induced by Singular Operators
In this article, we study a general family of multivariable Gaussian stochastic processes. Each process is prescribed by a fixed Borel measure σ on ℝ n . The case when σ is assumed absolutely
White noise based stochastic calculus associated with a class of Gaussian processes
Using the white noise space setting, we define and study stochastic integrals with respect to a class of stationary increment Gaussian processes. We focus mainly on continuous functions with values
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On the characteristics of a class of Gaussian processes within the white noise space setting
Meixner Class of Non-Commutative Generalized Stochastic Processes with Freely Independent Values I. A Characterization
Let T be an underlying space with a non-atomic measure σ on it (e.g. $${T=\mathbb R^d}$$ and σ is the Lebesgue measure). We introduce and study a class of non-commutative generalized stochastic
An introduction to white–noise theory and Malliavin calculus for fractional Brownian motion
Fractional Brownian motion (FBM) with Hurst parameter index between 0 and 1 is a stochastic process originally introduced by Kolmogorov in a study of turbulence. Many other applications have
An Interpolation Problem for Functions with Values in a Commutative Ring
It was recently shown that the theory of linear stochastic systems can be viewed as a particular case of the theory of linear systems on a certain commutative ring of power series in a countable
Meixner Class of Non-commutative Generalized Stochastic Processes with Freely Independent Values II. The Generating Function
Let T be an underlying space with a non-atomic measure σ on it. In [Comm. Math. Phys. 292, 99–129 (2009)] the Meixner class of non-commutative generalized stochastic processes with freely independent
Families of Spectral Sets for Bernoulli Convolutions
We study the harmonic analysis of Bernoulli measures μλ, a one-parameter family of compactly supported Borel probability measures on the real line. The parameter λ is a fixed number in the open