On Fluoborite from Selibin, Malaya

  title={On Fluoborite from Selibin, Malaya},
  author={R. Johnston and C. E. Tilley},
  journal={Geological Magazine},
The Beatrice Mine at Selibin in the Federated Malay States formed a unique type of tin deposit characterized by its richness in cassiterite and the striking paragenesis of its contained minerals. The mine, now worked out, was developed in a pipe representing a replacement of Permo-Carboniferous dolomite near the margin of the Kledang granite of the Kinta Valley and a systematic account of the geology and petrology of the deposit has been given by Mr. E. S. Willbourn, Director of the Geological… Expand
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Hydroxylborite, Mg3(BO3)(OH)3, a new mineral species and isomorphous series fluoborite-hydroxylborite
AbstractHydroxylborite, a new mineral species, an analogue of fluoborite with OH > F, has been found at the Titovsky deposit (57°41′N, 125°22′E), the Chersky Range, Dogdo Basin, Sakha-YakutiaExpand
Identity of Nocerite and Fluoborite
~ h n l i c h k e i t der R 6 n t g e n d i a g r a m m e der ve r sch i edenen P h a s e n TinO2n_ z m i t d e m des Ru t i l s m a c h t es wahrsche in l ich , dab das B a u p r i n z i p dieserExpand