On Finite 4 D Quantum Field Theory in Non-Commutative Geometry

  title={On Finite 4 D Quantum Field Theory in Non-Commutative Geometry},
  author={H.-J. Grosse and C. Klim{\vc}́ık and Peter Pre{\vs}najder},
The truncated 4-dimensional sphere S and the action of the self-interacting scalar field on it are constructed. The path integral quantization is performed while simultaneously keeping the SO(5) symmetry and the finite number of degrees of freedom. The usual field theory UV-divergences are manifestly absent. CERN-TH/96-51 February 1996 Participating in Project No. P8916-PHY of the ‘Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung in Österreich’. Partially supported by the grant GAČR 210/96… CONTINUE READING
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