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On Extremal Graphs of Weighted Szeged Index

  title={On Extremal Graphs of Weighted Szeged Index},
  author={Jan Bok and Boris Furtula and Nikola Jedli{\vc}kov{\'a} and Riste {\vS}krekovski},
An extension of the well-known Szeged index was introduced recently, named as weighted Szeged index ($\textrm{sz}(G)$). This paper is devoted to characterizing the extremal trees and graphs of this new topological invariant. In particular, we proved that the star is a tree having the maximal $\textrm{sz}(G)$. Finding a tree with the minimal $\textrm{sz}(G)$ is not an easy task to be done. Here, we present the minimal trees up to 25 vertices obtained by computer and describe the regularities… 

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