On Equilibria in Quantitative Games with Reachability/Safety Objectives

  title={On Equilibria in Quantitative Games with Reachability/Safety Objectives},
  author={Thomas Brihaye and V{\'e}ronique Bruy{\`e}re and Julie De Pril},
  journal={Theory of Computing Systems},
  • Thomas Brihaye, Véronique Bruyère, Julie De Pril
  • Published in Theory of Computing Systems 2013
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • In this paper, we study turn-based multiplayer quantitative non zero-sum games played on finite graphs with reachability objectives. In this framework each player aims at reaching his own goal as soon as possible. We focus on existence results for two solution concepts: Nash equilibrium and secure equilibrium. We prove the existence of finite-memory Nash (resp. secure) equilibria in n-player (resp. 2-player) games. For the case of Nash equilibria, we extend our result in two directions. First… CONTINUE READING

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